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Health and Safety Quiz


This quiz is designed to test your Health and Safety readiness.


It will also include some tips and suggestions on improving the value of your business. Contact your Business Advisor or enter your details into the contact ares on this page..

List of topics in this Ebook

What is an OH&S Plan?

An Occupational Health & Safety Plan is an organised policies and procedures system for identifying potential workplace hazards and exposure to harmful substances and situations.


It also incorporates the training of staff personnel in emergency preparedness, use of correct protective clothing and equipment and accident prevention and response.


Risk Management


Key Steps in Risk Management


Identify the risks.

Assess the risks.

Control the risks.

Monitor and review the process.


Identifying Risks & Hazards

What is a risk? What is a Hazard?


Risk is the possibility of injury, illness, damage or loss occurring as a result of a hazard.


Risk Control Checklist

A Risk Control checklist offers a brief overview of the elements which must be managed in undertaking risk control effectively, taking into account the needs and resources of the organisation. For Example,


"A person has been designated to coordinate the overall risk control process," Yes of No?


Monitoring and Review

Monitoring and review is the final stage in the risk management process.


It is the means by which risk management is kept current and effective, as new risks and those overlooked in the original process are identified and controlled.

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