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Win Business Advisory work with Client Discovery Sessions

Use the Maus Client Discovery template to convert clients and kick-start your client engagements

Today, I want to talk about the client discovery process…probably one of the most powerful tools you can have to win a new client. This is really the art of learning how to have a good conversation with a prospect and then turning that conversation into secured business advisory work.

I have included a link to download the sample Client Discovery form that some of our consultants use that has literally won hundreds of thousands of dollars of advisory work. This template is able to be automated with the Maus Client Needs Analysis. 

Download the Client Discovery Template here

This might give you a good running start at conducting an effective discovery session. What really works as well is some nicely timed key Phrases which I have listed below. The nice part about this form is that it leads you and your client through a process.

  1. Start off with a few financial questions
  2. Ask questions about stress, enjoyment in the business, and whether they are achieving what they first set out to achieve. This means that you are concerned about them!
  3. Ask about what the end game is. Do they have an exit plan? (This could lead to significant advisory work for you)
  4. Then the big area “What is holding you back?” That gets them to open up and start a real conversation.
  5. Ask about their priorities
  6. Finish up with a 90-day action plan


At the back of this, you want to then lead into “We can help you to follow through on these objectives and strategies. Why don’t we…

  1. Set up a meeting t discuss in detail your business goals and strategies or help you to prepare an exit & succession plan.
  2. Then let’s meet once a month and help keep you accountable.

Written by Peter Hickey, CEO of MAUS Business Systems
Software for Business Advisors and Accountants.

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