Three Simple Ways You Can Use Google Ad-Words To Improve Your Lead Generation

Three Simple Ways You Can Use Google Ad-Words To Improve Your Lead Generation.


Google Ad-Words is very well known for its traditional method of targeting a potential customer while they are browsing on Google. It uses advertisements for specific brands, based on predetermined key word searches or search history, but it actually goes far deeper than the most commonly known pay per click (PPC) method of Google Advertising.

Google has a whole suite of advertising tools and analytical products to help get your brand to your consumer. Below are three relatively unknown features that Google Ad-Words provides business which can help any business to instantly increase their inbound leads.

Google Ad-Words

Gmail & YouTube Advertising:

Gmail ads use an algorithm based on an individuals’ Google account activity and the type of emails an individual receives in their inbox. This means that if one of your competitors has emailed the potential lead and your keywords are a similar match to the wording in the email from your competitor, an ad for your product will appear in the promotions tab of the users Gmail account.

YouTube, like Gmail ads is another relatively unknown method of advertising with Google. YouTube uses a system called TrueView ads, which allows you to target your customers while they are consuming videos on, or hosted by the popular streaming giant. This allows you to promote your brand or product in a completely different medium and only pay for what people actually watch and engage with. What this means is, if someone opts to skip your ad you don’t get charged for the impression or a view. YouTube also uses a different algorithm to target content to your potential leads, by targeting users based on a combination or pre-set demographic information as well as taking into account a user’s browsing habits.


Call-Only Campaigns

At the beginning of 2015 Google introduced Call-Only Campaigns. Call-Only campaigns work similarly to traditional PPC campaigns, the major difference being that rather than encouraging people to click on your ad to visit your website, visitors will be prompted to call your business instead.



Call-Only Campaigns
This is how a Call-Only Campaign Advertisement would be displayed on Google

Using a call only campaign gives you the potential to immediately convert hot prospects, and capture all of the inbound leads immediately while they are still a hot prospect. Call-Only Advertising also gives you the ability to services a potential customers’ questions and needs more personally and specifically rather than leading them to a non-specific landing page.


Remarketing lists for search ads

Remarketing Lists, referred to as RLSAs allow business to target people who have already visited their website through tracked cookies that were stored in their web browser from a previous visit to your site. These ads will be displayed the same as traditional Ad-Words, but are targeted in a far more effective way.

This is beneficial for business as it works out a far more cost effective method of advertising, and engages with customers who have already shown some interest in your product at one point in time, meaning they are not only going to be a warmer lead then someone seeing your brand or product for the first time, but they are more likely to convert when they see that your product is continually showing up in their search results.

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