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About Us

About Us

We believe in helping businesses achieve their goals.

The difference between ordinary and best-in-class is execution. Maus is an all-in-one platform for strategic, financial, and exit planning that turns big ideas into action.


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The Maus Vision


Meaningful Progress

Reaching personal and professional goals makes life fulfilling. We believe in helping businesses achieve their goals. Dreaming dreams is not enough – we need a way to make them a reality. We provide tools and services so that others can attain the ambitions they set for themselves.


Providing the Framework

A shared vision gives the mundane, purpose. That’s why organizations with a shared vision outperform their competitors. Maus provides the vital framework to bring organizations together, through robust planning, measurement, and reporting. Our foundation creates real business value by articulating your vision.


A Roadmap for Your Business

More than strategic planning – strategic execution. The difference between ordinary and best-in-class is execution. Join your strategic and financial plans to drive and measure your business value. Maus is an all-in-one platform for strategic, financial, and exit planning that turns big ideas into action.

Living the vision

Our Values

We believe in treating people with respect, extending trust and being trustworthy. Being honest, even when it means turning away a potential sale because of a poor fit. Being helpful, and truly providing measurable value to our clients.


Aaron Stine

Aaron is responsible for manifesting the Maus vision, generating powerful business strategies and aligning them with short-term and long-term objectives. He builds trust across all Maus teams with an infinite mindset and leading by example. Resolutely, the customer and team come first.

Michael Brady

Director of Sales
Michael leads product sales globally. He is responsible for the daily sales activities across all of Maus. Michael works with our managers to make continuous improvements across products and services to maximize the value we deliver to our current and future clients.

Peter Kelsch

Director of Marketing
Peter harnesses data and creativity to build campaigns that resonate throughout the market. Executing strategies that amplify our message across global channels, Peter is pivotal in forging our path, connecting with customers and driving our mission forward.

Jack Phillips

Head of Customer Success
Jack leads the global Customer Success Team. He is responsible for the vision and strategy that provides our customers with a voice, support, guidance, and knowledge resources to facilitate the achievement of their business objectives using Maus.
A Brief History: 1990 - 1999

Over 25 Years of Making Client Dreams a Reality

Today, Maus leads the industry providing an all-in-one platform for strategic, business, financial, and exit planning. And it all began over 25 years ago in 1992 with a vision to help others turn their dreams into a reality.


Maus launches and revolutionizes how businesses approached strategic planning by offering the first digitized business planning tool. Systemizing a company vision into an actionable format.

The next ten years see the release of ten specialized, yet affordable software programs, with the flagship product, Masterplan representing over 50% of sales.

A Brief History: 2000 - 2009

Over 25 Years of Making Client Dreams a Reality


Over 55,000 businesses now benefit from using the step-by-step process software to implement and manage vital business processes. Products are exported to North America, Asia and the Middle East.


A range of additional, value-added services are introduced to further strengthen small business. Including the launch of our Exit Planning software solution, the Mini MBA program (later to achieve status as a Diploma of Management)


Next, the status of Registered Training Organization status be achieved for the newly launched Maus Institute. The Maus Accredited Business Coaches network expands to reach 80 Australian members. And in North America, the Internationally respected Exit Planning Institute in Chicago, IL acknowledges Maus as the #1 recommended software for their Certified Exit Planning Advisor Program.

A Brief History: 2010 - Current

Over 25 Years of Making Client Dreams a Reality


Maus acquires the popular Australian brand, Your Business Success and small business training program.


Our business solutions are chosen by a leading Malaysian university as standard issue for their “Masters of Entrepreneurship” course. Next, Maus launches a nationally acclaimed seminar series providing workshops to the SME sector across Australia.


Over 600 new signups within the first months of launching our cloud based, KPI Dashboard solution. Volumes of positive feedback flood in from satisfied customers.


Maus is now recognized as having the largest range of business grade apps in one integrated cloud platform for SME’s and Advisors.


Maus is officially established as a US company. Our North American presence expands by 5x in only 12 months. Our HSEQ and stock investment solutions are spun-off into their own focused brands (SafeWrite, and Stockmarket+, respectively ).

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Maus is the key to expanding your service offerings and growing per-client revenue. It's quick and easy to get started, but don't take our word for it, here's what our satisfied clients are saying

"Beyond my expectations. Getting up and running was very simple and the included support has been of massive value. Most unusually, the process of getting trained has been enjoyable... most valuable, superb."

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John L.
"Maus is a breath of fresh air with its comprehensive diagnostics, analysis and reporting. The range of challenging questions to table seem to have evolved from a diverse mindset of experienced business owners, coaches, users and designers. This makes the software extremely impactful and relevant to business development. A Real World platform with Real World application."

Maus Customer Reviews Testimonials 2 strategic planning software
Trevor S.
Maus brings together a number of commonly-used tools into a professional interface with the "mundane" work already completed. The availability of training material (incl. videos) and regular weekly online webinar meetings is tremendous, and the ready availability of support by email and phone is simply extraordinary in these times of call centres and AI.

Maus Customer Reviews Testimonials 3
Kevin B.

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