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Win New Clients as a Business Consultant

Win new clients

Business consulting is a growing field and a rewarding one as well. It’s challenging, sure, but every client presents an opportunity to learn and grow as you add to and refine your skills. Clients don’t come easy, however. From networking and marketing to finding tools and resources software, the tips in this article can help you build your professional network, win new clients, and become a successful business consultant.

7 Steps to Become a Successful Business Consultant

Here are seven tips on how to become a successful business consultant.

1. Establish Your Business Advisory Niche

In theory, offering the widest range of services nets the greatest number of clients. However, in practice, that is rarely the case. Casting a wide net works in some industries, but for business consulting, it’s far better to highlight specific skills in your efforts to win new clients. That means finding a niche and emphasising your unique selling proposition. With that established, it becomes easier to showcase skills and gain credibility. 

2. Create a Real-Life Profesional Network 

As great as social media is for connecting with people virtually, it isn’t the same as face-to-face interactions. In this case, real-world strategies for networking are of great value. That includes attending conferences and trade shows and showing up at professional association events. Once you’ve defined who your ideal client is, target the events they’re likely to attend. This could include speaking engagements or local commerce and industry meetings. Online networking is great too, but getting out from behind the computer screen is a time-tested way to win new clients.

3. Ask for Referrals to Win New Clients

Once you’ve grown your list of happy clients, win new clients through referrals. It’s as simple as asking a current or past client to recommend your business consulting services to others. Increase referral rates by offering incentives for referrals. Offering small commissions or upgraded business advisory services for referrals will get those recommendations coming in much faster.

4. Blog on Business Advisory Topics

Once you’ve established your niche and identified your ideal client, you’ll have a better idea of what their needs are. You’ll also know what problems they face. After that, the next step is to become a problem solver. That means setting yourself up as an authority in business consulting. Blogging is a great way to do this. Offer to contribute an article to an established blog or start one of your own. Write about your experiences or a specific problem you solved for a client. Explain a new business trend or create a how-to guide. Once you’ve published a post on a business advisory topic, promote it on your social media accounts to win new clients. 

5. Use Social Media and Targeted Advertising

Social media is a great tool for pointing potential clients to your website or a blog post you’ve written. Of course, social media takes time. The most active users are the most successful. To give yourself an edge, consider paid advertising to win new clients. For example, Facebook ads target users with specific interests. Google ads offer advantages in targeting specific demographics as well. Don’t forget the free stuff either. Optimizing your profile on LinkedIn is an easy way to increase appeal to potential clients. Use your account to join industry groups then stay in the conversation about business advisory topics.

7. Become an Accredited Partner

Becoming a Maus Accredited Partner is a way to fast-track your practice and go-to-market, with a structured, systemised approach. The Partner Program is much more than the Maus consulting platform. It includes a business advisory certification as well as ongoing mentoring and support. It also grants access to a suite of marketing tools and lead-generation resources to save you from reinventing the wheel and allowing you to get your message out there, quickly! As a Maus Partner, you are also a member of our network of expert business advisors, consultants & coaches. In short, it’s a way to cover all of the steps mentioned about without going down the pathway alone while also providing the freedom and flexibility of how you want to operate.

Win New Clients as an Accredited Maus Partner

No matter what your area of expertise is, business consultant or coach, exit planner, accountant, bookkeeper, or HR advisor, we provide the tools and resources to help you become a successful business consultant. Leverage the Maus Partner Program and win new clients fast!

Book a demo today and get started. 

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