How to perform a Merger/How to perform a takeover (Company A buys Company B, with a ratio of the stock shift)

1. You should be able to perform this transaction via first utilizing the Stock Split action to provide the ratio change and possible change of stock price, as show below (I have used 100 AAPC stocks to exemplify the process):

You may also want to clarify what has occurred in the “Note” section, for your own personal records. Should you have multiple stock packets for this particular stock, you will be provided with a “Ok and proceed to next” prompt, which allows you to modify each packet without having to manually select them.

2. Once all of the relevant ratios and share prices have been amended via the above step, you will now need to ensure that Stockmarket Plus has the new stock code input into the system (should it not already be an existing company on the ASX, if it existed previously, you can skip step 2). You can do this via Maintenance -> Security (which will open the page allowing you to manager your saved stock codes). You will find an “Add” prompt on the top left of the screen, which will allow you to add and save a new stock code:

3. As you now have the new companies stock code input into the system, you can then right click on the relevant packets of the old stock (which we amended in step 1 to reflect the new ratio), and use the “Modify” tool to amend the details of the packet to reflect the new Stock Code and other details.

By following step 3 for each packet, your stock packets will now reflect the correct company and stock amount, and will also retain any previous history and records you may have.

If this does not solve the issue, you can contact us using the details below:

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