How to Replace (Restore) Database file (stock.db)

If StockMarket Plus is functioning as expected:

  1. Save attached stock.db file into a secure location (to ensure that you have a backup moving forward)
  2. Open Stockmarket Plus
  3. Go to file -> restore database
  4. Navigate via the file browser to the relevant location where you saved your stock.db file in step 1
  5. Stockmarket Plus may prompt you to restart the pogrom in order to apply the database (in some instances it is able to apply without restarting).

If StockMarket Plus is not functioning as expected (i.e. after performing a database repair):

1. Save Stock.db to secure location and copy
2. Open File explorer


3. Locate and enter (C:) drive


4. Locate “Stockmarketplus” on (C:) (this will be the default installation folder, should you have elected to install Stockmarket Plus into another folder, you will have to navigate there instead)


5. Paste attached stock.db into “stockmarketplus” folder

6. When prompted, select “Replace the file in the destination”

If this does not solve the issue, you can contact us using the details below:

Phone: 02 9907 1669


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