SQL Error – Database Not Found

A database not found error can be caused by two possible issues:

  1. There is no stock.db file located in the standard location (install folder) or the location of a custom profile.
    •  (a) If this is the case, simply copy and paste a backup of the latest stock.db file into the installation folder and the software will operate correctly.
  2. There is a corruption of the stock.db file which is preventing the software from correctly identifying and running the file.
    • (a) To resolve this, Please restore from a backup stock.db file by copying and pasting the backup over the top of the damaged file (please ensure that you first create a copy of your original database file should you need to move to steps b. ).
    • (b) This should resolve the issue immediately, if not, you will need to send your stock.db file to support@maus.com.au to debug the file. If a standard debugging not resolve the issue, your database may need to be sent to the development team for repair. Should this occur, please do be aware that there is a cost incurred of $165 for this process, due to the complexity of the repair and the time spent repairing the file.

If this does not solve the issue, you can contact us using the details below:

Phone: 02 9907 1669

Email: support@maus.com.au

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