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Strategic Planning Software.

The difference between ordinary and best-in-class is execution. Maus is an all-in-one platform for strategic, financial, and exit planning that turns big ideas into action.

set goals with Maus strategic planning

Planning, execution, and reporting today to build a better business for tomorrow.

In one easy-to-use strategic planning platform you can plan, implement, measure and grow your business. It’s not enough to simply create a plan. With Maus you can turn your strategy into the roadmap for success while aligning with your financial and business value goals

Understand the need of the strategic plan

Make Your Vision Reality

Create strategic plans

Analyze your entire business and come up with a strategic plan that fuels growth. Maus lets you see the big picture for your business, understand what’s motivating your customers, and provides insight into what you need to level up.

Implement the strategy

Stay on Track with Strategic Plans and Goals

Ensuring you stay on track to your strategic plans and goals is one of the biggest hurdles for a business’s success. Create a clear and actionable roadmap for you and your team to ensure everyone is working towards clear, defined goals.

Be detailed and specific with your goals
Organizational goals that tie to financials

Efficient Visibility

Spend less time reporting and more time doing

Quickly produce in-depth, financial and non-financial reports that show exactly how your business is performing. Import your data directly from Xero, QuickBooks, Excel and more for instant, customizable dashboard. No more losing days, or hours scraping data together. With a few clicks your business’s performance is visible & understandable.

Close value gaps

Accelerate business value and achieve the exit you’ve always desired

Exit planning is a critical part of a business’s strategy. Start with the end in mind and ensure you unlock your business’s true value potential. Maus gives you the tools and roadmap you need to achieve a successful exit. Know the questions potential buyers are going to ask, generate thorough reports to then see how the value of your business has improved as you fill the gaps.

#1 For Strategic Planning

With Maus, your financial and non-financial goals are connected, so you can see your strategic plan in action!

Maus Customer Reviews

With a 20 country global network, 10,000+ customers, and over 25 years of experience . Maus has your back every step of the way! But don't take our word for it, check out what our customers have to say about Maus!

"Beyond my expectations. Getting up and running was very simple and the included support has been of massive value. Most unusually, the process of getting trained has been enjoyable... most valuable, superb."

"Maus is a breath of fresh air with its comprehensive diagnostics, analysis and reporting. The range of challenging questions to table seem to have evolved from a diverse mindset of experienced business owners, coaches, users and designers. This makes the software extremely impactful and relevant to business development. A Real World platform with Real World application."

Maus brings together a number of commonly-used tools into a professional interface with the "mundane" work already completed. The availability of training material (incl. videos) and regular weekly online webinar meetings is tremendous, and the ready availability of support by email and phone is simply extraordinary in these times of call centres and AI.

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