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Commercialize Exit Planning with Maus + EPI

The Exit Planning Institute (EPI) is the Top Authority in Exit Planning!

Rapidly Accelerate the Value in Your Client’s Business with a holistic Exit Planning Strategy and value acceleration automation powered by Maus ValueMax and EPI

“The Maus Exit Planning tools are a highly impressive, effective and “must have” suite of tools for any Advisor offering Exit & Succession planning services, serious on building a profitable practice.”

Chris Snider​

Exit Planning Institute​

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Designed for CEPA's

The Exit Planning Institute

The Exit Planning Institute is an education company that provides professional advisors with the content, tools, and training to deepen their working relationship with business owners. The Certified Exit Planning Advisor Credential (CEPA) enables advisors to strengthen their client relationships, be more holistic in their process, and become an owner’s most valued advisor.

Value Acceleration Methodology

Automate the triggering event

Through the process of Exit Planning using the Value Acceleration Methodology, owners can build more valuable companies, have stronger personal financial plans, and align their personal goals. Earning CEPA doesn’t change a professional advisor’s expertise, it expands their knowledge base, enhances their ability to engage business owners, and have value-added conversations around growth and exit. Maus exit planning software drives this process.

Understand the need of the strategic plan
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Earning CEPA is for those who want to

Make a Positive Change

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Gain better access to business owners
  • Become more engaged on a business owner’s advisory team
  • Have deeper and more holistic conversations with business owners
  • Grow your referral network of professional advisors
  • Access hundreds of marketing and business development tools tailored for owners

Stunning results

Prepare the Masterplan

Exit Planning Institute Provides Advisors with:

  • An industry-leading credential that helps you effectively engage with business owners
  • The Value Acceleration Methodology, a complete framework for Exit Planning
  • A robust and unique catalog of free webinars featuring exit planning, business, marketing professionals, and more
  • An extensive national Chapter Network with monthly events and networking opportunities
  • Access to a complete database of exit planning content, presentations, and research
  • Hundreds of marketing and business development tools and templates tailored for owners
  • Marketing For Professional Advisors Masterclass
  • Industry insights on the Exit is Now Blog
  • State of Owner Readiness Reports

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The latest Exit Planning Institute Content

Maus is the key to growth and EPI is the best exit planning education partner in existence. Learn more about the Exit Planning Institute and enjoy these topical articles

5-4-3-2-1: Five Things Every Business Owner Must Know About Exit Planning

The process of growing a significant company takes time and can be complex. This white paper takes the Value Acceleration Methodology and breaks it into 5 easy concepts as we introduced as 5-4-3-2-1. Though easy to understand as a business owner you may be sitting here still wondering “how do I implement this?”

The Five Stages of Value Maturity

Owning a business comes with more than its fair share of risks. To increase value and minimize risks in your business, follow the 5 Stages of Value Maturity.

How Exit Planning Institute Focused on Improving Their Human Capital

EPI made a conscious decision to invest in their human capital to have immediate short-term results and long-term value growth. See how they improved their business value and grew the human capital in their organization.

Maus Exit Planning Software and EPI, the Proven Way to Take Your Advisory to the Next Level. Start Now

Whether you are just getting started or already established and looking to take your Advisory services to the next level, we have your back. Get a demo and learn more!

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Maus is the key to growth and it's quick and easy to get started, but don't take our word for it, here's what our satisfied clients are saying

"Beyond my expectations. Getting up and running was very simple and the included support has been of massive value. Most unusually, the process of getting trained has been enjoyable... most valuable, superb."

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John L.
"Maus is a breath of fresh air with its comprehensive diagnostics, analysis and reporting. The range of challenging questions to table seem to have evolved from a diverse mindset of experienced business owners, coaches, users and designers. This makes the software extremely impactful and relevant to business development. A Real World platform with Real World application."

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Trevor S.
Maus brings together a number of commonly-used tools into a professional interface with the "mundane" work already completed. The availability of training material (incl. videos) and regular weekly online webinar meetings is tremendous, and the ready availability of support by email and phone is simply extraordinary in these times of call centres and AI.

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Kevin B.

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