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Ready to maximize the value of your business exit? Maus Exit Planning Software is designed to simplify and enhance your exit process. Gain comprehensive insights and strategic tools to evaluate your business's current standing, project future growth, and effectively prepare for sale.

Ensure a seamless and profitable exit with features tailored to Exit Planning Advisors and business owners seeking control and clarity. Start planning your successful exit today — because a smart exit strategy begins with the right tools. Discover how our software can transform your exit planning experience. Complete the form to learn more.

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Multiply the multiple and prepare to be celebrated for a mission accomplished with Maus Exit Planning Software

Whether it’s internal due diligence, producing a powerful strategic plan, or holding your team accountable with ongoing, reporting and analysis, Maus exit & succession planning tools make a great exit a breeze!


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Mind the gap!

You worked hard to grow your business

The last thing you want is to be prepared for an exit and have a serious value gap. Build value to close the gap. With Maus exit planning software, you get the complete, step by step exit planning methodology and proven software system to to keep the Exit on track. See why Maus is the premier business exit planning software, hit the button below.

Change the game

See the whole picture

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling your own business or helping a client sell theirs, proper exit planning requires you to have a holistic view in order to make the right decisions. Maus is the suite of exit and succession planning tools that provides the proven structure to keep businesses on track and accountable. So you are celebrated for a mission accomplished.

guided by proven methodologies

Business, Personal, and Financial Goals

Easily track key metrics, achievements and obstacles all in one place. Holding your team accountable for implementing the strategic plan and exit plan has never been easier. For 30 years, Maus has contributed heavily to the Business Advisory and Exit Planning communities, and established core aspects of the methodologies considered "best practices" today! Maus truly is the premier business exit planning software, and together, we can achieve a great outcomes!

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Get Serious About Value

Measure in Order to Manage

What is your current level of exit readiness? Maus includes 121 deep dive value driver questions across 22 categories to identify and risk factors that could potential devalue your business at the time of due diligence. With these insights, Maus keeps the value growth strategy on the up and up.

What's Your Business Valuation Goals?

Visual Gap Analysis Lights the Path Ahead

Maus exit planning software automates the busy work in part by easily integrating with Quickbooks and Xero to tie your exit planning to your financials. Produce invaluable forecasts for your P&L and Cashflow for the next 12 months to 5 years automatically. So you can stay focused on what matters.

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Prepare for takeoff

The right exit - your life's best work

Even if you’re ready to sell, there could be a lot of work between now and receiving the multiple you require to retire the way you deserve. Maus gives you the tools you need to create a meaningful exit strategy that lets you step back with confidence.

Equip your team with the leading exit & succession planning tools and prepare to exit in style!

A full suite of exit planning software tools for your business

Don't wait. Start exit planning now and build the value required to have a proper exit. Maus is key to doing it right, and doing it fast.

Workflows and templates

We remove the guesswork by providing workflows and templates that make exit planning easy. From intuitive workflows that ensure you don’t miss anything important to branded templates to create professional documentation, we’ve got what you need to make the whole process a breeze.

Proven methodologies

With over 25 years in the exit planning space, you're in good hands with Maus. Our proven methodologies that have been tested and refined to remove the guesswork from exit planning. You’re not following a vague blog post that leaves you with more questions than answers, you’re taking the reins and implementing a plan you know is going to work.

Build trust

Trust isn’t something that just happens. It comes from confidently guiding both clients and potential buyers through a process that demonstrates authority. When you know what questions to ask at each stage, when you’re producing high-quality branded reports, and when you know what to expect at each point, people can sense that you’re someone who can be trusted.

Comprehensive reports

Don’t just answer questions, provide data that backs up what you’re saying. Maus gives you the tools you need to quickly compile reports, analyses, and information that provide clients and buyers with both the answers they’re looking for and the context they need to gain a complete understanding of a business.

Compelling presentations

Much like a good report shows people that you know what you’re doing, a strong presentation to the right people can give clients and buyers the confidence they need to know you’ve got their best interests in mind. Quickly pull together presentations that clearly lay out goals, showcase areas for growth, and provide the complete story of a business.

Strong support

Not sure how something works? Our customer success team is here to make sure that you’re getting the most out of Maus exit & succession planning tools.

Rocket ahead with Maus exit planning software!

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What customers are saying

Maus is the key to hitting the valuation targets that make for a successful exit. With Maus exit & succession planning tools, the future is yours! It's quick and easy to get started, but don't take our word for it, here's what our satisfied clients are saying

"Beyond my expectations. Getting up and running was very simple and the included support has been of massive value. Most unusually, the process of getting trained has been enjoyable... most valuable, superb."

Maus Customer Reviews Testimonials 1
John L.
"Maus is a breath of fresh air with its comprehensive diagnostics, analysis and reporting. The range of challenging questions to table seem to have evolved from a diverse mindset of experienced business owners, coaches, users and designers. This makes the software extremely impactful and relevant to business development. A Real World platform with Real World application."

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Trevor S.
Maus brings together a number of commonly-used tools into a professional interface with the "mundane" work already completed. The availability of training material (incl. videos) and regular weekly online webinar meetings is tremendous, and the ready availability of support by email and phone is simply extraordinary in these times of call centres and AI.

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Kevin B.

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