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OKR Planning Tool

OKR Planning Tool

Clearly define what matters most to your business with Maus OKR planning tool

Gain a deeper understanding of what drives your business and set clear goals to make it happen

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OKR Strategic Planning

Whether it's your business, or a client of yours, having a clear sense of your OKRs lets you establish a plan to grow the business. Determine the relevant objectives, define the key results, and determine the best way to make it happen. Maus makes what was once a burdensome process a breeze!

Understand the need of the strategic plan

Growth is critical

Figure out what’s mission-critical

Determining what’s important to your business can be a challenge, especially when you’re knee-deep in biases and assumptions that you may not even realize that you have. We give you the tools you need to look beyond those assumptions and learn what’s critical to growing your business and what matters most to your customers.

Turn Big Ideas Into Action

Best OKR Planning Software

Maus OKR execution software identifies and defines short and long-term goals and prioritizes them. Giving okr advisors the data needed to choose right path to reach your strategic goals.

okr execution software tools
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Progress Tracking Perfection

OKR Analysis Dashboard

Custom okr analysis dashboards let you capture all the information you need track progress. Your key metrics are highlighted and you can create the exact view you need to make sure is on the up and up.

Maus includes 121 deep dive value driver questions across 22 categories to identify and risk factors that could potential challenge your strategic plan.

Success is at your fingertips

OKR Tools to Track What’s Important

Knowing your goals are only half the battle. Keeping your eye on the metrics that determine success is just as important. Maus OKR execution tools give you the insight you need to learn which metrics and understand the work you need to do to make it happen.

Ready to take it to the next level?

OKR Tools You Need to Drive Growth

Gain alignment in your business

With clearly defined OKRs, you can keep your whole business aligned to the greater goals of the company. Maus OKR execution tools keep everyone on the same page and enables input to learn important milestones for each department.

Workflows that lead to success

Figuring out what works and what doesn’t takes time that you often don’t have. Maus gives you workflows that we’ve spent 25 years working out the kinks, so you can skip the experimentation and focus on the job.

Monitor progress

Track process as you’re working with customizable dashboards that let you capture all the information you need. Don’t get bogged down with a view that shows you everything, without highlighting the important data. You can create the exact view you need to make sure everything is heading in the right direction.

Strong support

Not sure how something works? Our customer success team is here to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your Maus OKR execution tools.

OKR Planning Tool Reviews

Maus is the key to your OKR execution needs. It's quick and easy to get started, but don't take our word for it, here's what our satisfied clients are saying

"Beyond my expectations. Getting up and running was very simple and the included support has been of massive value. Most unusually, the process of getting trained has been enjoyable... most valuable, superb."

Maus Customer Reviews Testimonials 1
John L.
"Maus is a breath of fresh air with its comprehensive diagnostics, analysis and reporting. The range of challenging questions to table seem to have evolved from a diverse mindset of experienced business owners, coaches, users and designers. This makes the software extremely impactful and relevant to business development. A Real World platform with Real World application."

Maus Customer Reviews Testimonials 2 strategic planning software
Trevor S.
Maus brings together a number of commonly-used tools into a professional interface with the "mundane" work already completed. The availability of training material (incl. videos) and regular weekly online webinar meetings is tremendous, and the ready availability of support by email and phone is simply extraordinary in these times of call centres and AI.

Maus Customer Reviews Testimonials 3
Kevin B.

Next Level OKR Strategic Planning

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