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Why Prepare Business Plans

A business plan is a formal statement that states:


Where the Business is Now

Where the Business Should Go

How the Business Should Get There.


It should include a set of business goals, strategic plans and action plans. It will also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals.


Let's start helping you to write a plan by explaining what each section should contain.


Business Planning Process

Step 1: Collect information

Step 2: Analyse the information collected

Step 3: Form a strategy

Step 4: Prepare the plan

Steps to Develop a Plan

There are four steps in preparing a Business Plan.

Step 1: Collect information

Gather information on the product, the business, the market, the industry, the economic climate and anything else relevant.

Step 2: Analyse the information collected

Take all the information collected and analyse how it will affect the success of the business.

When reviewing markets make sure you analyse by segments. Review both the actual sales vs potential performance.

Use a SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats) and make sure you list the impact of each criteria.

Step 3: Form a strategy

Decide how:


the business will function

the product will be marketed, how

finances will be arranged, including sales forecasts, budgets, cash flow forecasts,

the business will operate, including supply sources, equipment, materials, and so on (operational plan).

Step 4: Prepare the plan

Put all the information together into one consolidated business plan.

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