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Morning sessions occur every Tuesday at 9:00am

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Afternoon sessions occur every Thursday at 2:00pm
understand the road ahead

Business, Personal, and Financial Goals

Set and review your business and personal goals to plan your ideal exit. Calculate your required growth, discover your ideal buyer, and set your exit timeline.

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Get Serious About Value

Measure in Order to Manage

What is your current level of exit readiness? ValueMax includes 121 deep dive value driver questions across 22 categories to identify and risk factors that could potential devalue your business at the time of due diligence. Armed with these insights, you can keep your value growth strategy on the right track.

What are Your Business Valuation Goals?

Visualize The Value Gap

Your business attractiveness and business readiness scores determine where the company falls in the range of value. Compare your scores against best-in-class businesses to find your Value Gap. Improve your scores over time to close the gap, and maximize your businesses value.

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Prepare for takeoff

The right exit – your life's best work

Even if you’re ready to sell, there could be a lot of work between now and receiving the multiple you require to get the exit you deserve. Maus gives you the tools you need to create a meaningful exit strategy that lets you move forward with confidence.

ValueMax Includes

High Level Goals

Determine your high level exit planning, business & personal goals. Where are you now? What do you wish to achieve over the coming years? What is holding you back?

Business Attractiveness

Discover how attractive your business is to a potential purchaser. Based on worldwide research we score your business and establish a benchmark to improve value.

Business Readiness

This 22 step audit process provides the business with an Exit Planning Readiness score and a pathway to move forward. It includes exit planning strategies and action plans to ensure a successful transition.

Personal Readiness

Are the shareholders of the business ready to exit or transition out of the business? We assess based on personal, financial and emotional factors and discuss strategies.

Value Creation

Based on your goals, we further refine and develop your strategic plan and look at value creation strategies. Includes a review of your current financial health and forecasts.

Online Support

Our clients love Maus support! The team resoundingly scores 5 stars when users grade them and we value their amazing professionalism and deep, vast knowledge. Email us with any question to ensure success using Maus!

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Maus ValueMax is the key to multiplying your business value.