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Business Advisory – The Pathway for Accountants & Bookkeepers

Business advisory software

As technology continues to develop the world of traditional accounting & bookkeeping services is set to change. As solutions become more readily available fewer small-medium businesses rely on traditional professional services. It’s great that smaller organisations have the opportunity to do things in-house and save money, however, if you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, it can mean fewer clients and less revenue. Therefore, it’s necessary to change with the times and offering business advisory software services is a way to do that.

The trend toward accounting software creates a shift in roles both for accountants, bookkeepers, and the companies they work with. Branching out into business advisory is a way to continue offering services to clients even if they have opted for software to handle basic accounting needs. Business advisory software makes it easy.

Business Advisory Services Explained

One way accountants support existing clients, as well as gain new ones, is by offering business advisory services. After all, accountants already have the knowledge and experience to offer trusted business advice to clients. They also provide an objective third-party view of the finances of their clients’ companies. This complements the instincts and passion of leaders within the organisation. It also strengthens the role of accountants and bookkeepers as stakeholders who share an interest in the financial health and performance of their client’s businesses. 

In addition to the outside view that accountants & bookkeepers provide, they have an overhead view as well with advisory and reporting solutions such as Maus. For accountants and bookkeepers looking to adapt to new business trends, offering business advisory services is a way to get a big-picture look at the organisation. Advisory software streamlines the process.

Benefits of Maus Advisory Software

Maus advisory software gives accountants the tools needed to solidify their relationships with existing clients while adding value to the services they offer new clients. In short, it helps accountants and bookkeepers take their businesses to the next level while increasing revenue for both parties.

Business advisory software helps bookkeepers and accountants go far beyond balancing books. It allows them to advise the organisations they work with. Further, it provides built-in tools such as dashboards, strategic planning, and VCFO reports for clients. Automation also frees up time from writing reports that is better spent with clients.

5 Reasons to Offer Business Advisory to Clients

There are many reasons why expanding your services to include business advisory makes you more appealing to both existing and potential clients. Here are five:

1. Sets You Apart from Other Firms

Offering something others don’t make your services more appealing to clients. Advisory software empowers its users with a go-to-market plan that gets them up and running fast while adding significant value to your clients.

2. Provides a Partner in Business Advisory

Accountants who use Maus advisory software have a powerful partner. From initial business health checks, KPI reporting & dashboards, strategic planning, and more, we make it easy to offer mentoring and one-on-one check-ins.

3. Automates Functions with Advisory Software 

The automated functions of Maus advisory software take the workload off accountants and bookkeepers so they can focus on other areas. Using the right tools allows you to scale your advisory services without becoming bogged down in reporting. With Maus, you can structure and automate every step of the client journey.

4. Gives You Confidence

The tools and support offered by Maus advisory software give you the structure and confidence to grow your business and increase your revenues. Looking for more than a software solution? The Maus Partner program may be for you, providing a business advisory certification, go-to-market strategies, and marketing and lead gen material. Found out more here

5. Gains the Trust of Clients

Create long-term meaningful engagements with your clients. The majority of the time accountants are already the trusted advisors of their clients. When you increase your services while improving the quality of what you already offer, that increases trust & retention as well. 

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When you become a Maus user or Maus Partner, we work together towards a common goal. Increase your value to clients with advisory software while saving you time.

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