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Is there a way to effectively generate leads that consistently come to you?

Don’t like cold calling!? No one really does. We all dream of sitting back in our banana chair and watch while our leads come to us. But in an environment where winning new business is getting harder and harder, it doesn’t quite work that way.

So should you go back to techniques such as cold calling if you need more leads? While it can be effective, perhaps you should go back to the basics. Have you carefully considered who you are and what you do?

Carefully consider who you are and what you do

It is hugely important to define who you are, and what you do before embarking on the lead generation process. Are you restricting your expertise and reducing your lead potential? Are you too targeting a client base that is too broad and reducing your perception as an expert?

Determine who you are and your area of specialty:

  • Dictates your entire program.
  • Will have consequences on your potential for generating leads.

Carefully consider how broad you define your expertise:

  • Too specific and you will reduce your potential for leads.
  • To broad and you will not appear to be an expert in a particular industry or area.


Want to know more about this topic, watch the video

Video demonstrating the first step in lead generation for consultants

Video demonstrating the first step in lead generation for consultants


  • Find a mentor to help determine who you are.
  • Research opportunities. In order to find leads you may need to partner with particular industry bodies or related professions.


Why is it important to always improve your lead generation?

Winning new clients can be one of the most frustrating, time consuming and expensive elements of your business, and it is one that is often done very poorly.

Without leads and an effective sales conversion system, it doesn’t matter how good your internal systems, your personnel and your product is…your business will simply fail.


Articles to come about Lead generation

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Effective Lead Generation – Begin by defining your target Market

Effective Lead Generation – Communicating your lead generation campaign

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By Graham Martin

Marketing Manager, MAUS Business Systems

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