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Maus Software Launches Updated Brand, Customer Support in North America


Peter Kelsch
Maus Software, LLC
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Tampa FL, May 23, 2022 – Maus Software launches its new branding and expands customer support options in North America effective June 2022.

Maus Software, the leading provider of strategy, financial, and exit planning software, launches its updated brand into the market. Maus invented business advisory software in the 90’s and has led the market since. With a complete set of tools, Maus has been a favorite among business advisors, business owners, and exit planners for generations. The updated Maus brand is focused exclusively on these customers. 

Maus has always enabled business owners and advisors to achieve their goals. That idea is now central to the Maus brand. Maus provides tools and services so that others can attain the ambitions they set for themselves. Using a proven framework of robust planning, measurement, and reporting tools, Maus provides a roadmap for your business.

“The success of business owners and advisors has always been fundamental to Maus’s success, so it’s altogether fitting that we make it the focus of our brand. We believe in helping businesses reach their true potential, and that idea will be at the center of every decision we make.” says Aaron Stine, CEO at Maus Software. “Our refined direction is encapsulated in our new branding. The new logo is a combination of a stylized M (for Maus) and a chart showing growth. We feel it’s indicative of the meaningful progress we provide our clients as they strive to build a better business” says Chris Palmer, Director at Maus.

In addition to updating its brand, Maus is also expanding customer support options to customers in North America. Beginning in June, customers will be able to contact the customer success team at our US number between 8:00am to 5:00pm EST. For more information on the launch of our new brand, we invite our current customers to visit us at https://www.maus.com/

About Maus Software: Maus revolutionized the world of strategic planning with the release of the first digitized business planning tool 3 decades ago. Today, Maus leads the industry – providing an all-in-one platform for strategic, business, financial, and exit planning. Our award-winning innovative business management software is the roadmap that will guide you and your team toward better strategies and practices, promoting the growth you have always envisioned.

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