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Three simply ways that any business can help improve their credibility in the marketplace.

Three simply ways that any business can help improve their credibility in the marketplace.

Credibility is usually perceived as something very difficult to be obtain and is often associated with spending a lot of money on both advertising and branding to help produce top of mind awareness and goodwill, however there are lots of relatively inexpensive ways of producing credibility that almost any business should be able to start implementing in 2016.




1. Customer Feedback/Testimonials

The first of our credibility generating mentioned is customer testimonials, these help to build almost instant credibility by displaying praise from an existing customers who have has a good experience with your company. A testimonial should cover the kind of questions or objections that a potential customer or an on looker may be asking themselves about your company before they are willing to put money down to make a purchase.

Testimonials should be relatively concise so potential customers can easily skim them in a few seconds, if they are to long people won’t read them. It is also important to ensure that the customer who writes you the testimonial puts their name to it, an anonymous testimonial is about as helpful as no testimonial at all, as it screams of a something that the company has forged to increase their number of testimonials.


2. Customer Success Case Study

Another effective technique to use along with customer testimonials is one or two ‘customer success case studies’ explaining a specific challenge that one of your customers was facing and how you helped the customer overcome their challenge by utilising your services, it is also important to mention the successes the customer has had as a result of using your services.

To make a success story more credibly to potential customers it is important to make them relevant to your audiences and interesting to read, it may be valuable to identify a common problem that your customers have and using that as a bases for your case study.


3. Customer Recommendations

Recommendations are as simple as asking one of your satisfied existing customers to introduce you to one of their colleges of friends who they feel could benefit from your services or knowing about your brand, this is an almost expenses less way of distributing your brand name and credibility through word of mouth.
Simply ask your customer to send an email to one of their colleges with you attached to act as an initial introduction to the potential new customer. This eliminates the need to approach the lead as a cold targeted and also creates instant credibility in the process.

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