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Exit & Succession – The Next Economic Bubble

Have you ever encountered a client who is planning to sell their business? Or do you have clients asking for ad-hok advisory services? You would be a rare case if you answered ‘no’ to each of these questions! It is due to questions such as these that Accountants and Advisors are needing to diversify the services they are providing to their clients to ensure they remain competitive in the market.

The good news is, diversity means opportunity! And for Accountants and Advisors, there is a fantastic way to tap into an up and coming ‘Blue Ocean’ or potential industry whilst leveraging the vast experience you already possess. And this is called Exit Planning.


Over the next 10 years, 75% of business owners will be knocking on your door needing an exit plan.

Consider that there are over 2 million business in Australia, with a combined worth of approximately $1.5 Trillion. Throw into the mix that that nearly 50% of these businesses are owned by Baby Boomers. At an average of 61, you will begin to be inundated with one common question; ‘how do I maximise my personal wealth, given so much of it is tied up in my business?’

Position yourself now to benefit from the greatest transfer of wealth in history, worth approximately $600 billion in Australia alone.


Exit planning is the process of maximising business and personal wealth for your clients.

What must be stressed here is Exit & Succession planning is in every sense a process, not an event! Exit planning is the conscious effort to maximise the business value, while enabling the conversion of the business ownership into personal financial freedom and peace of mind.

“I don’t want to sell my business?” is a common misconception made by business owners when speaking with them about Exit & Succession. Exit planning is not just about selling! It includes not only maximising the business value, but managing personal financial issues such as tax planning and estate planning.

As Accountants and Advisors you are already in a great position! You have developed a client base in which you are a trusted advisor who already manages and handles client’s personal financial issues. – What a great way to expand your services and shift your engagement with them as they look to transition out of their businesses in the future.


Take your fist steps and gain an overview so you can discuss the topic with your clients

To ensure you are at the forefront of this opportunity and capture your own slice of the market, there is an internationally recognised introductory training that takes place over the course of a single day. Obtain a certificate in Exit Planning, hosted by MAUS Business Systems and endorsed by the Exit Planning Institute, an internationally renowned organisation at the forefront of Exit & Succession training. Contact us today!. Alternatively visit for more information.

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