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From Sherlock Holmes to Oprah Winfrey: The 4 Skills Every Business Advisor Needs

what makes a good business advisor

As a business advisor, your clients rely on you to provide them with expert guidance on how to navigate the complex world of entrepreneurship. But what traits and skills do you need to possess to excel in this role? While every advisor is unique, there are certain traits and skills that are essential to success.

Let’s take a look at what makes a good business advisor, and some of the most important skills that the best business advisors have:

What Makes a Good Business Advisor

      1. Sherlock Holmes-level observation skills: To be an effective advisor, you need to be able to observe and analyze complex situations. This means paying attention to the details, using experiences as guides, asking probing questions, and spotting patterns that others may miss.

      1. The communication skills of Oprah Winfrey: As an advisor, you need to be able to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. This means being an active listener, adapting your communication style to your audience, and using persuasive language to motivate your clients.

      1. The problem-solving abilities of MacGyver: Being a business advisor means being able to help your clients solve complex problems. This requires creativity, resourcefulness, and the ability to think outside the box to find innovative solutions.

      1. The strategic thinking of Sun Tzu: To be a successful business advisor, you need to be able to think strategically. According to INC Magazine, a good small business advisor will understand that and strive to help business owners not only identify goals, but set a path of smaller goals to help them stay on track.This means understanding the competitive landscape, identifying opportunities and threats, and developing a long-term plan to help your clients achieve their goals.

    Now that you know know what makes a good business advisor, focus on honing these skills so you can become a truly effective business advisor and help your clients succeed over the competition.

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